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Built by the pcExpressWay - your one stop solution to database software for the home office and web, while on your way down the information highway
Our desktop and web database driven products and solutions are built with dBASE Plus - the original database solution that was once on every pc in the world-this logo copyright dBASE, Inc.

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Thank you for stopping by the pcExpressWay Virtual Office Center. We design office and web solutions that automate your everyday processes and can enable it for the world wide web. Our development tool of choice is dBASE Plus-the original desktop database system.

the pcExpressWay is John L. Creed - developing dBASE applications for over 12 years, and located in Pasadena, Texas (pic 8/2002)The pcExpressWay is John L. Creed. This name is supposed to represent an ‘Expressway’ to custom developed applications, for any business or person that wants to computerize or who needs a program or database driven web site written for a particular task. If you are looking for a developer to assist you with a dBASE project we will be glad to help you in any way possible. If we can’t do it we will help you find someone that can help you. Please Contact Us for references.

I started developing with dBASE in 1990 starting with dBASE III Plus because I needed a way to automate my task as a construction estimator.

Over the years I developed many applications for my own use, such as a Visual Time Clock, Multi-Account Rolodex system, Multi-Account Check Book system as well as some simple accounting and payroll programs for my company and friends. By 1997 I was working with Visual dBASE 7 32 bit windows environment. Later the next year Alan A. Katz a professional dBASE developer bought dBASE and the next thing you knew he was teaching us how to do dBASE on the web.

In 1998 I developed my 1st employment center for live tracking and data entry via the web. I personally owe a lot to Mr. Katz and to Mr. Colyn Serfontein. Colyn kind of took me under his wings so to speak and because of that I was able to make sense of it all and start developing for the web. Click here for a story on Colyn

As of Today we have successfully completed four (4) projects, 3 of which were major as far as our resources are concerned. RealTimeCosting and BestPriceBlinds involved the development of two components. Desktop and web. SouthWest Industries involved redeveloping an existing-working dBASE III Plus application to 32 bit windows dBASE.

To provide those who are seeking the latest in database technology, whether to upgrade or maintain existing applications, to assist in your project, or to build a brand new application, modules, custom controls, effectivly, honorably and for a competitive price.

Member of the Delaware Tribe of Indians

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Built by the pcExpressWay - your one stop solution to database software for the home office and web, while on your way down the information highway