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September 6, 2004

Terms of Service

This document provides the Terms of Service (TOS) for programming services and Windows web hosting services.

Programming and Technical Services:
All services other that web hosting shall be charged at the rate of $75.00 per hour and will be billed by the week, unless a specific agreement is in place. This includes but not limited to:
·Tech Support
·Phone Calls
·Computer Maintenance
There is no such thing as “Bug-Fixing”; this is just more work that needs to be done to achieve the finished product, and is based on testing. Note that I – pcExpressWay Consulting creates these applications from scratch, based on my artistic and intellectual abilities and experience. These applications become your property. The source code will be maintained by pcExpressWay Consulting. From time to time you will receive the latest versions of the source code on a cd rom. It is your responsibility to safe guard it and keep it out of the hands of those who may otherwise compromise it, steal it, show it to unauthorized persons. I also will do the same and will always have in my possession or remote locations, or both the master copies, which can be used to determine the validity of the source code that is in your possession.

The minimum charge is $1.25 (one minute), excluding setup, installation of software, FTP or email services. Phone calls for computer related problems or other software issues less that 15 minutes per day are also excluded.

Web Hosting
We provide Windows based web hosting using Microsoft Windows 2000. We do not solicit web hosting. This service is provided exclusively to you the customer.

Below are those items included in your monthly fee.

Each Account has special needs and services. Some require the pcxCart System who have online commerce systems. These same online commerce systems may also utilize our online Sales management system.

You have no restriction on disk space or usage for your web applications. This does not include bulk storage services. We do not provide bulk storage space and will not be tolerated.

Your databases are backed up each morning at 7am and a copy is transferred to a private remote server that we lease.

All web hosting accounts are charged at the rate of $100.00 per month and will be billed by the month at or near the first of each month for that month. Included in this fee, is my cost per account of $60.00 per year that I pay to TZO.com. In some cases I am also paying for your Domain registration fees each year. You can otherwise provide your own server and plug it in at many various service providers each of whom have their own TOS. Some will charge a rate from $100.00 to 300.00 per month for traffic up to 1 gig per month and a surcharge for each megabyte thereafter. You then will have to maintain it, and we can provide the administration and maintenance service for you if this is what you need to do. For example if your website become a high volume site, meaning 1.5 gigabytes of traffic or greater per month you may want to do this.

Some of you may use our secure certificate to host your online private services at https.secure.pcExpressWay.com. This service may/will be charged at the same rate as web hosting.

Payment Terms:
All invoices will become due in 14 days.
You may need to make payment arrangements. You must contact me and I will be more than happy to make any arrangements to suit your budgets as you all know.

After 45 days your account will be considered delinquent, and we reserve the right to stop that service without notice.

Web Server Software:
We use the Apace web server to serve web pages. See www.apache.org for details on the number one web server in the world.

Email Services:
Each web hosting account comes with 2 email accounts. Also included are four(4) aliases and/or forwarding services, such as, webmaster, info, sales, etc.. More email boxes may be provided at no charge, but we reserve the right to charge a fee for anything over the 2 boxes described above.

FTP Services:
We provide an FTP account to manage your database and web services. There is no charge for this service.


pcExpressWay Consulting is a provider of custom built dBASE programs, applications and web sites. We can develop and Host your online store and provide our shopping cart and website traffic alalyzer. We offer programming services for dBASE systems that need maintenance, modifications and upgrades.

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Built by the pcExpressWay - your one stop solution to database software for the home office and web, while on your way down the information highway